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Psychometric / Personality Testing

Leverage personality and behavioural profiling as part of a successful coaching partnership.

When asked to describe our own personality and behaviour types most of us can give a fairly good summary such as – I’m outgoing, love to be around people, don’t like to get into the detail, fast-moving and action-orientated, but we struggle to always understand the drivers of this, how it is affected by different situations such as our work or our relationships and how our personality and behaviours can impact others.

By using an personality testing as part of an individual or group coaching session there are many key benefits:

  • We are able to understand ourselves and our key traits better and thus better understand where are strengths lay and what environment we are more like to excel in.
  • We can learn how our traits adapt in different scenarios relating to family, work or indeed our how we see and treat ourselves.
  • By understanding our own style, we can learn how we need to adapt this in different situations to achieve better outcomes such as:

– More clarity on career choices.

– Better management of self and other in a work context.

– Coping better with family relationships.

– Dealing positively with unexpected change in our lives.

Personality Assessments can be a journey of self-discovery and help individuals or group achieve better outcomes. The assessment measures both the subconscious “real self” and the conscious behavioural styles. This permits evaluation of the impact of the work environment and potential job pressures on the person. They can be a great way to kick off a coaching engagement as the detailed report helps you better understand your own personality traits as well as leading to you developing actions that will help you when engaging with others whether that be colleagues, partners or family.

Divorce Group Coach personality assessments provide resources for individuals and groups desiring greater insight into their own behaviours, increased positivity and improved self perception. However most importantly, providing increased self-awareness which is vital when tapping into our own innate strengths and natural abilities.

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