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About Ray Kinsella

MSc. Coaching Psychology, Diploma Executive & Life Coaching, International Coach Federation Member (ICF)

Welcome to Divorce Group Coach, Dublin premier Divorce Coaching Centre. My name is Ray Kinsella and I am delighted you are here! Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

My coaching history & qualifications

I am a certified Coach, Trainer & Facilitator. I am educated in Coaching Psychology (MSc.), Personal & Executive Coaching (Dip.), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Certified), Training and Group Facilitation. I also hold a BSc. in Computing Science.

I am an experienced Personal & Executive Coach, with over 20 years real world experience. I combine powerful coaching psychological approaches with change expertise to deliver successful change outcomes.

I coach & train everyone from high potential intern developers to executives to c-suite leaders, within start-ups, established fintechs and public sector, to name a few.

I began my career in change management within the technology consulting industry. From the earliest point in my career I was acutely aware that change was ever present in life and business. However it is often avoided, delayed or even feared by organisations and the people they employ.

My approach to coaching

The traditional approach to dealing with change is the ‘carrot and stick’ approach. Originally popularised during the industrial revolution to motivate employees into an action that they know must to performed, but may not be naturally inclined to do so.

As a coach, my role is not ‘command and control’ and I cannot use of the ‘carrot and stick’ approach to force people to change, even if they know it is necessary. Instead, through coaching, I find effective ways to tap into people’s intrinsic desire for change, their true motivation.

Tap into your true motivations

Human adults are fascinating creatures. To ignite change, we must learn new behaviours. In order to learn, we must to be personally motivated to do so.

According to Malcolm Knowles (the father of adult learning theory) adults are motivated towards change by intrinsic motivation as they grow and mature. Meaning adults prefer to do an activity for its inherent satisfaction rather than the fear of a negative consequence.

A person-centred approach to coaching is the key to tapping into our intrinsic motivations to learn. This approach believes that all human adults possess within themselves the personal resources to reach their own potential. It is that concept that underpins my approach to life coaching.

Let Divorce Coaching work for you

From that first gulp of oxygen we inhale at birth, our arms are open and we are in control of our world and its possibilities. Dreams and reality are interchangeable and impossible is nothing.

However, along our life journey we can sometimes lose that control which can limit us and our endless potential. We become distracted by limiting beliefs and self sabotage. Self control drifts away. That’s where the power of life & career coaching comes in! Let us challenge you to learn:

  • What you value most in your life?
  • What in your current reality you want to change for the better?
  • What obstacles currently exist that are proving too difficult climb alone?
  • What new ways of thinking can you adopt to support the changes you want to make in your life?

Divorce Group Coach is Dublin’s premier divorce coaching centre. Your dedicated partner on your path to seizing back control and succeeding.

You'll be in good company

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Group Coaching is a powerful and affordable approach to identifying your goals and creating actions plans to achieve them in a safe and supportive group environment. Be part of a small group of like minded individuals, all working together to support each other is achieving your own personal goals. Facilitated by a professional coach, you will develop new skills and capabilities and learn through exchange and interaction with each other.
Imagine waking up and feeling confident about your direction in life! It’s absolutely possible; in fact, with some thought and effort, it’s certain! Coaching is a great way of creating a wonderfully fulfilling life. Improve your overall performance, change direction effectively, create achievable goals, and make the right changes for you.
A personality test is a tool used to assess human personality. Personality testing and assessment refer to techniques designed to measure the traits that you exhibit across various situations. Personality tests can be used to help you clarify the need for change in your life. They can guide coaching interventions, and help predict how you may respond in different situations.